Name of Company


Selset New Zealand Centre S/B



No 7, Jalan SS15/7, Subang Jaya 47500, Selangor D.E.

Telephone :

+(60) 3 5631 0322 / 5631 2028 / 5631 3028

Fasimile :

+(60) 3 5631 0522

Operating Hours


Mondays -Fridays     :     09:30 -18:00


Saturdays                  :     09:30 -14:00


  • Malaysian company incorporated in 1982.
  • The company has a focus on New Zealand trade and it is managed by professionals, commenced its educational services from May 2002.
  • Current operational services include Education, Trade, Tourism and Immigration Services
  • Education recruitment service encompasses all state-owned universities, polytechnics, colleges of technologies, secondary & primary school, inclusive of private institutions with accredited academic programmes
  • Education services are provided FOC and it include:
  • New Zealand Institutions Educational placement service
  • Student Counseling services :focus on New Zealand education
  • New Zealand Education programme application processing; monitoring application status; facilitating necessary transfer of documents and information for Offer of Place
  • Arrangement for necessary placement services -phone interviews, personal interviews (e.g. medical, teachers training programmes) and language assessment testing for specific institutions
  • Research based programmes -Assistance provided for sourcing of research supervision
  • Assistance with preparation of CV
  • Liaison services for NZ educational institutions -in terms of Malaysian market assessment, promotions etc
  • Assistance provided for all institutions at education fairs facilitating recruitment of students into New Zealand Institutions
  • Provide student visa / legal guardian visa / spouse visit visa application services
  • Organizing Pre-departure briefing :general and university specific
  • Providing post-arrival local (NZ) support / contact for emergency
  • Provide “grades-monitoring services for students (under 18) undertaking Foundation programs or high school education (if required)
  • Other Related Services
  • Assist with Accommodation arrangements :Home stay, Institution controlled halls of residence as well as private owner student hostels
  • Assist with securing New Zealand based health/travel insurance if required
  • Assist with travel arrangements if required
  • Arrangement for Group Summer programmes to destinations in New Zealand
  • Arrangement for Group Study visits

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